Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 10, the morning was actually not bad, people were too tired to stay up all night again so it was quite last night. After breakfast we got to meet a whole bunch of people that work for the Spokane Tribe in the wildlife conservation section. They took us  in the woods and showed us how to set up a track trap and camera, basically how they tell which smaller predators live in the area. After that we had lunch and learned how to shock fish to count them in smaller streams. I didn't go in because i didn't want to get shocked but it was kinda sad that some of the smaller fish died when they shocked them. Here comes the fun part, we went swimming in lake roosevelt and guess what! Some people, including me, got stuck on the other side of the lake. I'll try to make this short so basically I was swimming and I saw some kids farther out, I'm like blind without my glasses so they were close, and they were swimming farther out themselves so I went with, we had an adult so it seemed fine. We get really close, it seems, to the other shore and we were tired and two of the kids were panicking, I'm not sure when and I didn't hear her but our adult left us so we decided that we would stop on the other shore and rest then go back. The people on the other shore yelled at us to come back but they didn't hear us when we yelled to them what we were doing. long story short they sent out a boat for us and we got in trouble, I still think they would get what happened if they would let us explain. Oh well, Bandwagon out.
Day 9, people stayed up really late messing around and making noise and right when it calmed down a bit the college kids came out from the house where they were watching their movie, which we weren't allowed to watch, and made tons more noise. Waking up after about six hours of sleep isn't fun, after that we got to make paint from rocks which was pretty cool. After painting we got a presentation from Wenix about the order of the table and what a lot of native plants are used for. After that we had to rush to leave, which kinda makes sense because it started to get really hot but I wish we had been more paced. In the rush someone pulled all the stuff off the tables to put them away and Ari's ipod and speaker got soaked, she's lucky it still works. We went to subway for lunch, with a misunderstanding about who was paying of course. Then we went to spokane and the tribe paid for us to have Arbys' for dinner 'cause it was to late for the dinner they had planned. We stayed at the fairground in Wellpinnit and played in the playground, which the fairground has 'cause it's amazing. Bandwagon out.
Day 8, we packed up the pow-wow campsite and headed out for a presentation at Umatilla Tribal Center. The presentation was very informative and was given by a lady named Wenix who gave us a tour of a river reconstruction site. While driving there we lost three tires just on the one road, with a total of five tires total for the whole day, it was ridiculous. By the time we got the tires fixed it was to late to get our original campsite so Wenix actually invited us to her house to stay in our tents in her yard. She was super amazing and made us fry bread for dinner. Today was chaotic but cool, Bandwagon out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 7, the exact middle of the camp-out. Today was tiring but very informative and fun(: We had to get up at six in the morning to see some of the hatchery people catch and tag some fish; granola bars and little sleep aren't fun I was actually feeling kinda nauseous. We got tons of information for our notebooks from Lostine River and got a geology lesson from Jessica about how the glaciers carved out the Wallawa mountains. Then we got to swim in Wallawa Lake, it was amazing! The water was super clear and not too cold, it was beautiful. We came back to camp and showered in a tee-pee (I'm quite serious) and took a nap. we have to leave early tomorrow so goodnight^-^ Bandwagon out.
Day 6, nothing much to say; packed in record time, drove 11 hours total not counting stops, got to see the painted hills, and camped out at a powwow. Painted hills was amazing to see and super hot, i got to see a lizard! The clay was mostly red but that's cool, red's my favorite color. We got here super late but we got to see some of the dancers and me, Morelia, and Ari went out when they called for everyone to do the two step. bandwagon out.
Day 5, we're still camping up the mountains by Bend but we are driving out on Saturday. We got taught how to clean out forest trails by a couple of rangers, i got clippers to cut over hanging branches and baby trees that grew in the wrong place. Ari was dying because she's a hippie and I was killing baby trees, lol she was cutting down toddler trees. We got to go swimming in blue lagoon at the end of our freshly cleaned trail, i was so proud. When we got back to camp we got our laundry and left to take showers and do said laundry. We ended up cleaning the showers and doing about five loads of laundry, we got the last showers of everyone 'cause we were on cleaning duty and the water was so cold I got a nasty headache! Yep, lots of driving tomorrow. Bandwagon out.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 4, another McDonalds... We got to the camp super late last night because people took forever to blog yesterday and then war pony (the other white swan van) lost a shoe (tire). I got very little sleep last night between restrictive sleeping bags, the cold, and being squished on one twin mattress (for me and Ari). Today we went to Deshutes Nation Park and got a tour of the lava tunnel, Lava Butte, and some waterfalls on the River. We also got to hear about ten lectures from the, actually very nice, park rangers. We got lunch there in the middle of hiking and came here once again to blog. I'm going to get pizza, Bandwagon out.